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We Have Solutions for Individuals and Businesses With IRS and State Tax Problems

Our first step is to protect you from the IRS or the State. Once you are protected, we will then evaluate your tax issue and craft a solution to permanently resolve your tax problem once and for all.


The tax relief solutions that we may use include:

  • Proposing an Offer in Compromise

  • Structuring an Installment Agreement

  • Proposing a Partial Pay Installment Agreement

  • Seeking Penalty Abatement/Penalty Forgiveness

  • Filing an Innocent Spouse Claim  

  • Obtaining a Bank Levy Release

  • Seeking "Currently not Collectable" Status

  • Release of Wage Garnishment

  • Evaluate the Statute of Limitations Relating to Collection Actions





Call us at 833-786-7477 or click HERE to schedule a Free Consultation with one of our licensed tax professionals so we can thoroughly understand your unique tax situation and discuss solutions. 


Develop Plan

After you retain our firm, we will immediately file paperwork with the IRS so future calls will come to us and not you. Next, we will investigate and develop the appropriate strategy for solving your IRS problem. 


Tax Resolution

We will implement our tax resolution plan that includes: getting you into tax compliance and then negotiating a plan with the IRS or State to get you the lowest possible settlement allowed by law. 


Peace of Mind

After we have negotiated a solution to your tax issue, we will explain all aspects of your settlement and answer any questions you may have so you can get back to a life without tax problems.



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