Do You Want to Resolve Your Tax Issues? The First Step is Compliance

To be eligible for any tax resolution solution, the first step to solving your tax problems is to get into compliance.

The IRS offers a number of programs that we can help put in place that will permanently resolve your tax problems including:

  • An Installment Agreement

  • A Partial Pay Installment Agreement

  • An Offer in Compromise

  • Currently Not Collectable Status

  • Penalty Abatement and Reduction

  • Lien Releases

However, the IRS is very strict on one rule - and it's the first step to resolving your tax problems:

You must first be in Tax Compliance

What exactly does tax compliance mean? To be in tax compliance, you must have, #1 filed all outstanding tax returns (or at-least the last 6 years worth), and be making you required payments, this includes:

  • The proper amount of withholding on your W-2, for those who are employees.

  • Estimated quarterly payments, for those who are self-employed.

  • Onetime deposits and filing of returns for payroll taxes, for employers.

To learn more about what you need to do to be in Tax Compliance, schedule a free consultation today by calling 505-353-9610 or by clicking here.