Knock Knock, Who's There? It's The IRS...

The IRS is stepping up enforcement actions and visiting taxpayers who have failed to file tax returns.

The IRS is making house calls. In an effort to reach high-income individuals who have not filed one or more tax returns in recent years, the IRS is sending several dozen agents to people's homes.

The IRS will be making 800 face-to-face visits before April 15

The IRS stated, this month, that they will be targeting people within income above $100,000 as a last ditch attempt to encourage compliance, this is the final step before the agency pursues more drastic measures, which include civil or criminal action. The IRS isn't going to stop in April 15, and has plans on identify other non-compliant individuals throughout the year and will be adding cases as they find them.

For the first time in years, Congress has allocated additional funds to the IRS for tax enforcement. The IRS is hiring thousands of new revenue officers (collection agents) and the word on the street is that Enforcement Is Back!

If you are behind on your taxes and have been hoping that the IRS wouldn't notice, this may very well be the year you hear a knock on your door. We believe that it's always better to be proactive when negotiating a resolution to your tax issues as we think it provides a better result. If you are ready to stop hoping that the IRS doesn't come a knocking, and are ready to seek a permanent solution to your tax issues, call us today at 833-StopIRS to schedule a Free No-Obligation consultation. We look forward to talking with you about the various ways we can get you back on track!